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Skewered by branch and scars to prove it


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A teenager has miraculously survived being skewered through the neck by a tree branch in a car crash.


The five-pronged branch speared through 16-year-old Gareth Clark's neck, missing his spine by millimetres.


A passing nurse travelling with young children saved his life by using her baby's nappies to staunch the bleeding.


The accident happened last Tuesday after Gareth had sat his first NCEA exam.


His friend lost control of the car and it careered into a clump of trees.


Sergeant Graham McGurk said the driver of the car had been charged with dangerous driving causing injury and a sustained loss of traction relating to burnouts a short time earlier at an intersection on Tower Rd, on the outskirts of Matamata.


Mr McGurk said the 16-year-old driver told police he lost control while attempting to round the corner at 150km/h last Tuesday.


"The driver of the car has lost control on a corner, careered sideways over a walkway and hit a tree," he said.


"It hit so hard and fast that birds sitting in the tree didn't have time to react and died."


The driver was uninjured but the branch passed through the passenger-side window and entered Gareth's neck at an angle, bending around vital organs.


The branch was millimetres away from his vertebrae and spinal cord, oesophagus, larynx, carotid arteries, and one jugular vein.


The other internal jugular vein had been torn, although Gareth and doctors were unaware of the full extent of the injury.


Despite bleeding heavily, Gareth, a student at Matamata College, climbed out the driver's side of the car and staggered to the roadside.


There the trained nurse staunched the bleeding with two nappies and used a jumper as a tourniquet.


"She just ran up to me and put the nappies on my neck to absorb the blood and tied the jumper around my neck to hold them in place," Gareth said from his hospital bed yesterday.



Story Continued Here




fuck that shit!!

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