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wanna have a mix on my basefm show tonight.....???


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preferably someone that doesnt already have a radio show of their own or hasnt been one of my guests in the last month either.....any style of dnb will suffice.....it doesnt matter if your a bit more liquid or tech or whatever weird shit dr awesome is into....you've got until 9.30pm to let me know......bo. wouldnt hurt to bring some of this either

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Ill be down if u cant sus anyone.

you came up a couple weeks ago au bay......hold up....no offence i just want someone different alright lads....yaknow trying to share it around and give someone else a go ...



im well keen fer future ref...

I dont do drum and bass any more I will play tech house trip hop, old skool, filthy electro ok ok maybe some drum and bass but it will be a mix of jmajik tech itch, some nz shiz, evol intent , jonny l then some aphex twin,,,

and maybe some handbaghouse


(in all seriousness!!! im well keen and thats what I would play, I will not bow down to genre limitations), I have radio experience and fuckin shit loads o strange fresh and rare choons)

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or whatever weird shit dr awesome is into....




I can't mix (well/anymore) but you should interview me on your show. People would be like "wow, Dr A: He knows the score" and then start rubbing their breasts chronicly.



Post script. I thought it would be 10 times more funny to just add some bdsm.





Dr Awesome. Finding lesbians attractive since 1999.

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