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DJs are Vermin - LOL


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needed more ?


CDJ's are all good, Its more that I'm gutted that I didn't start out on them myself and then I could be some mad super-star DJ AND have a house deposit =p... The truth comes out!


As long as someone hasn't modified their tunes so they are all at the same pitch I am generally happy - Auto beat-matching FTL

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ETF? = edited to fuck? =p


I need the cash... Its my hussle, so if you see me outside Asta with a bunch of 'underage looking' girls hanging off of me and carrying an oversized cd wallet on a Friday it's just someone who looks like me.

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haha, all good Mike, glad to hear that you're takin the piss... if I were to start DJ'in... I'd want 2 CDJ's and 1 table... but that's just fantasy... for now I'll just pretend I'm Kritical


B4 I read your reply I photochopped your head onto Garth Brooks body but in reflection it's the gheyest thing I've done all year so I think I'll save it till I really wanna scare people... or if Nato asks me for it cause we all know what he's like

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