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Fake flyers derail Howard


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A rare drenching rain fell on Canberra yesterday as Prime Minister John Howard arrived for his final big push for victory in tomorrow's election.


With the rain came more bad polling news and - far more seriously - a scandal that drove his message aside and dominated what he had intended as an inspirational plea for support in a nationally televised address.


In Sydney the husbands of a retiring Liberal MP and the candidate standing as her replacement were implicated in the distribution of bogus flyers from a non-existent Islamic organisation lauding Labor support for terrorism and the Bali bombers.


Their pamphlets are purported to have come from the non-existent "Islamic Australia Federation", thanking Labor for supporting the Bali bombers and opposing their unjust death sentences, praising it for allowing radical cleric Sheik Taj Aldin Alhilali to live in Australia, and lauding its support for the construction of a new mosque in the western Sydney seat of Lindsay.






fuck thats wack

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