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Your favourite(s) drummer...?

Known One

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igor cavalera (sepultura)

gene krupner (old skool jazz)

dave lombardo (slayer)

herb (primus)

(his name escapes me as Im listening to gein before I start work) the dude from led zeppelin,

the guy from faith no more


a million more but gein is infesting my mind


EDIT Redstar aka jackson his beats are sick! he was busting out some heavy amens breifly the other day, im not to sure that he knew what they are ,, but none the less he was doing them,

(i got him a drum kit fer his oneth bday)

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Danny Carey nooo doubts.. prob my favourite musician.. maybe..


john bonham - zeppelin (revolutionzzzed that shit)

tim alexander - primus

abe cunningham - deftones

tomas haake - meshuggah (alternate time sigs FTW)

phil selway - radiohead (mozarts of today)

jean from full code... DOPE


nice thread

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^^Elvin Jones, Jack DeJohnette, Terry Bozzio, Greg Bissonette, Terry Williams the list goes on and on...


Ive seen most of the above live at drum clinics, soo mean.


Jack Dejohnette did a one hour and a half solo that was divided into four "seasons" pretty damn epic


But Jojo's the best, he can juggle his sticks whilst doing rolls with his feet.

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josh freese.


end topic.


the man can play anything, any style, and he has taste in music!


while I think all the 'drummers' drummers are extremely talented its all about the project they are involved in to me and channeling those skills into something next level, I could talk about this shit for hours, a topic made for you and I phil!!!

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