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Tiki Tane - Now this is it


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i reckon it's aight... production's fuckin tight and the bassline's heavy..the use of a whistle (?) sound is a little grating, but overall pretty sweet tune..


tiki's a mean sound guy - sets up the live sound for shapeshifter, and a few of the shapeys boys are apparently in his live band.


shapeys are doing a pub tour with tiki over the summer; will no doubt be sick....


haven't heard the remix of this tune. keen to check tho

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the albums interesting....

very salmonella-eske...

there is the "now this is it " choon which in its electro minimalism kinda appeals to me ,, slick ryhmes sorta ,,,

very left wing which is good to

"savior dub " is pretty format but i like the hook so no doubt it will grow on me,,,

"always on my dub mind" , is real urban and kinda brooding and steppy hip hop,, with big subs and nice production,,, me tinks as I listen to it more it will be on high rotation yup very tight choon it has this kinda halciyon quality that evokes distance and the inner city exp, but a longing wandering for someone or some thing

"music has saved me " although im digging the emotional apocalyptic innuendos its a bit " I came up hard and now im doing it" which i give full props to tiki for doing,, but its a bit generic but points for being humble ...

"past present and future" holds this mystical quality for me and inspires a need or an urge to challange the old in the present to create the future, its def a audio thought piece would love to do a video for it


"its all in your head" full points on this choon,,, its heavy slow and deep,, nice vocals and like the ambience of it and the resonance of the sounds and the travelling vibes its states to me , "forward forward, go forward"

its challanging very cool


any other thoughts?

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