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Starcraft 2


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anyone else a fan?



Yeah, but truth be told I'm tired of the Rock, Paper, Scissors balancing of most RTS'es today. CoH:OF is where its at for right now for me. (200th on the international ladder too)


Graphics look pretty average too, and who plays starcraft for the single player?


Still, nothing like gettin' my kekekeke zergrush on.

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yeah i used to play star craft online (first game i played over the internet, was all dialup before then!)


I used to get down with Red Alert & all the C&C games...


ahh gone are the days i used comptuers for games though


be keen to have a go on the new starcraft

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SC2 will be the only game I will buy in 2008.


I wish blizzard would stop being cunts and show some info about zerg units inthe new game though - thats what we are all holding out for.


guess that means you'll be buying TF2 this year then?

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i used to be a Red Alert 2 junkie. never played star craft ... but by the looks of that i might have to! thats some buzzy shit right there


I was all about RA2 - Yuri's Revenge for about 6 months, was ranked 3rd at the end of one month (geek!!!)

Still give it a burl now and then, prefer it to C&C 3 actually.


"Battle Fortress, Moving Out!!"


lol, u2u me for a showdown bro :-)

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C&C3 is shite.

Not meaning to be a hater or anything, but i got bored after about 2min.

It felt really 2 dimensional in depth: Lack of cover, little or no environmental interaction, ease of spam, select and grab micro, average graphics, (still) poor balance...


Really represents to me everything a RTS shouldn't be. In the end I just haxxed out the FMV movies and watched the storyline. EA as per usual did nothing to advance the (a) genre.

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