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WWIII Are You Ready?


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Millions of Iranians ready for martyrdom - Ahmadinejad


President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Tuesday millions of Iranians would be ready to sacrifice themselves fighting the country's enemies, in an apparent reference to the United States and its allies.


Ahmadinejad's statement came a day after an Iranian commander said the Basij religious militia and their spirit of martyrdom could disrupt strategic Gulf oil shipping routes with a small operation.


They both spoke at annual ceremonies marking the death of a 13-year-old Basij, Mohammad Hosseini Fahmideh, who died trying to destroy an Iraqi tank in the 1980s war with Iran's neighbour.


"Enemies of the Iranian nation must know that by the passing away of martyrs like Fahmideh, the hands of the Iranian people are not empty," Ahmadinejad told a crowd of student Basij members in Tehran, the official IRNA news agency reported.


"And today millions of Fahmidehs are standing fresher and more prepared," he said.


Iran is locked in a standoff with the West which accuses Tehran of seeking atomic bombs. The United States has said it would not rule out force if diplomacy fails to end the row.


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we're doomed..

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we are on the verge of "WW3" in so many places...

putting the current american global military domination aside...

awhile back it looked like India and Pakistan would go to war at the borders...

now, bear in mind that BOTH of these countries have tactical nuclear weapons. so, in probabilty, this war, had it happened, WOULD have gone nuclear. both countries reducing each other, and the length of the region right down to sri lanka would be dust too. dust with a half life of onehundred thousnd years. approximately...


so, you'd think that the whole world would try to stop such a awr. and they did. in fact, british MP's went to india to facilitate "peace talks".

it just so happens that while they were there, they brokered an "arms" deal, for 1billion puonds worth of HAWK jets.

these jets, as previously supplied to india, were completely capable of delivering a nuclear payload.


to re-cap.

two countries on the brink of war.

one country steps in to *publicly* denounce the war and encourage peaceful resolution.

while there third country arms first country with planes to carry nuclear bombs to blow up the second country...


yeah. that was BRITAIN. host to BAE systems. the biggest aerospace and arm supplier on the planet. Britain is one of the five permanent council members of the UN. so even if the rest of world disagrees with this, they dont give a flying fuck because they make and break the rules as BAE sees fit.


so, world war 3....

its just a matter of time really. stewart island anyone?

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