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Best ever Halloween trick?


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best one i ever was reuben and troy and those fuckers when we were at intermediate school. im not claiming to have been involved in this or anything, but these dudes were my mates through some of intermediate and high school. And remember, these kids were only 10-11 years old at the time!


They fuckin strapped themselves with some shotguns (admittedly they were broken and obviously not loaded, but they were still real shotguns) and they went down to that restaurant Gee Gee's on manukau road and bust in the place during business hours with their masks and shit on with the shotguns yelling in a high pitched pre-pubescent voice "give us all your fucking candy".


i cant quite remember what else ensued, whether they actually got some candy, or maybe the person on reception freaked and gave them the money out of the till?! but i do remember that it involved the armed defenders squad and they all got a pretty severe slap on the hand.


maybe cramer will enlighten us with the first hand account if he see's this thread!?


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