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Mense is now known as Merge


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Lol Zak dude i've gotta be honest here..... both of those names are terrible. You don't want people to think of a penis everytime they hear your name..... Just ask pAKAGe!




dude.. you really gotta stop thinking about my penis




but seriously.. urethra is perhaps not the best name zak.

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i have the baddest dj name lined up, if i ever start mixing i'm gonna turn the whole scene into chaos...keeping it under locks so none of you's name swappers steals it though. i offered it to zeb but he's gotta keep the mystery alive for now...

i've thought about switching but a few of my evoke grafs are still up after all these years so i guess i'm still a "live" M.C.

as for AEPD, in the past i've used, kaska,psy-ten, spry, skan / skan this, and then moved into evoking ya's a few years back now. i think i was throwing up evoke hits round kingsland when i met nato n co at that kingsland massiv house party.

anyway,to use a cliche, the only constant in this world is change, but i guess once you've got tracks out it pays to stick with your moniker.

just for your fans sake n all that...

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