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work wanted for summer...

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hey, so, i'm working at the snow centre in newmarket, which at this time of year is dead, and kinda boring.

i'm hoping to get some shifts up at our store in snow planet, but i thought i'd start my work hunt a little early in case there's a cool job out there just waiting for me to turn up...


i've got an extensive work history, am good at heaps of stuff and a fast learner, and have a great attitude, am into surfing/snow/skateboarding/art/music/streetwear/people....i want to be able to put time into my own business which is printing t-shirts(my own and other peoples designs), and also go surfing when it's on. i'm hoping to go to japan for a coupley weeks at the end of summer(march) for a few weeks, so any work available till then would be awesome.


so, I'm looking for a job(part-time ideally) in retail, outdoor/adventure related, graphics or design, screenprinting or anything else that is fun and pays fairly decent.

I'm living in taka so round here would be sweet, but travel is no worries...

if anyone knows people working in/managing businesses in taka, or looking for workers, let me know so i can go n say hi and suss out summer work potential.

reply to this post or pm

chur, kel

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Ducky i could have something for you... espresso work on coffee carts, events and gigs etc real chilled and you pick when and where you want to work. Office is in Taka. I can msg you details if you are keen? May not be your thing but its an idea, i did it for 4 years (still now occasionally) and love it.

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