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Upgrading decks


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i currently own a pair of vestax pdx-d3s im guess their about 8 years old or so, and its time to put them aside and get some technics. Im looking at getting a pair of SL1210M5Gs. Apart from the fact they are industry standard and that they will out perform my old decks hands down can i expect a noticable difference? and in what areas?

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i never lose pitch on my 1210m5gs (bonus #1!),

advantages as i see them:


* Controlling stop speed (slow -> fast)

* -16 - +16 pitch control for either mixing whack shit, or producing

* replacable pitch controllers (if you rape your decks!)

* adjustable tone arm height/weight/blah,

* pretty blue LEDs

* new ones come shipped with alternative cartridge holders (wank factor EXTREME!)

* the ability to drop in to conversation "yeah thats like my 1210M5Gs...."



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