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Turkey approves Iraq incursion


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ANKARA - Turkey's parliament has resoundingly approved a motion allowing troops to cross into northern Iraq to hunt down Kurdish rebels there, but its Western allies and Baghdad urged Ankara to refrain from military action.



As parliament voted in Ankara by 507 votes to 19 in favour of the motion, President Bush said it would not be in NATO member Turkey's interests to send troops into Iraq.


Washington fears a Turkish incursion could destabilise the most peaceful part of Iraq and possibly the wider region by encouraging others such as arch-foe Iran to intervene.


Iraq's government said on Wednesday local time it would send a team to Ankara for further talks to find a peaceful solution to the crisis. NATO and the European Union also urged restraint.


Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has played down expectations of any imminent attack but the parliamentary vote gives NATO's second biggest army the legal basis to cross the mountainous border as and when it sees fit.


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You guys been following all this drama? its gonna be fucked up if Iran are all like 'hey.. if theyre gonna invade, we're gonna bust up in this bitch too'.


im just waiting for china and russia to get implicated some how and then its on bitches!


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