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wedding dj??????


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If you were asked to be wedding DJ what would your set be like?


So tell me … if you were provisioned to play at a wedding what would you play? Now keep in mind its a wedding set and not an A typical club set…

Let m,e set the scene.


Couple 20s. into drum and bass house tech house trance hip hop rock


Brides parents into blues rock house (circa 1970s)

Grooms parents into beatles, bing Crosby (circa late 50s 1960s)



Guests: a mixture of young and old ranging from 14-60ish



Now go……


Hit me with your set list……

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I probably wouldn't accept a wedding set. You are just asking for extended relatives to harang you with requests and that is seriously my pet hate. Some bitch asked me if I had Britney in a club once, I hate to think what it'd be like when Aunty Fanny comes waddling up to the decks.

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