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i hosted a halloween dnb party last year, conveniently on a Friday the 13th.

Got pretty much everyone in costume was lots of fun. drunken rinsing in costume is classic. decked my room out in full halloween style


id be up for it again somewhere

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to be fair, i DO have a pretty freaky looking house. once about 10 years ago our family kitted it out in full on cobwebs... screams over the cross-room speakers, etc etc. pretty mean. I'll consider it....but it couldnt be excessivly large. best to do it before a gig so as to gap by 12ish and avoid noise control

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and if we all go out with costumes even better.....


just crank out yo daddy's gimp suit.. sorted


now on a slightly more serious note.. come on mense, i rekkon youre house bro!


I dunno about it being pre-gig tho.. needs to be a whole night eh.. we cant really all rock to Fu in our costumes.. we'll get the bash from Hayden!



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yea yea... wish it was tht easy. im still at home. id hav to time it with olds going away. I feel like such a minor saying this. to be honest i think if we had it at mine the sound patrol would be round pretty quickly. i have a couple of fuckin nazi neighbours. hmmm.....anyone else??

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I'm starting to feel nostalgic about commercial road..




might have to call a flat meeting and see what we can arrange.


hold your horses peeps.


The flat mates have spoken and say..




Saturday Nov 3rd.. details to come

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