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thai or indian curry, which one do u prefer??


thai curry or indian curry  

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  1. 1. thai curry or indian curry

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thai.. ftw , Im alergic to cumin and tumeric and and safron.(and thai has little to none of these ingrediants). it sucks cos I love!!!!!! indian food but its not worth the 3-4 days of nasty guts ache and liquid farts and indigestion (and when I was little hallucinations and crazy nightmares)...

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tough decision... really depends on where i am and how im feeling...


theres nuff crossovers between the two nowadays anyway - my new favourite fusion of indian and thai is the Firecracker Chicken from Monsoon Poon... I highly highly recommend all you Viaduct dwellers go try it... next level deliciousness followed closely by the most overwhelming assault of spicy heat ive ever had in my life... I was tripping balls for a good 6 hours afterwards...

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liquid farts


I'll never look at butter chicken the same way again.


bro?? did u not know what the REAL ingrediants of bchicken are



They don't even have b'chicken here?! Must not be real Indian, maybe it's kiwindian? Been to 2 indian takeaways since I've been here and neither has had b'chicken, none of them gave me liquid farts either mind.. Which begs the question.. Which came first? The liquid fart or the butter chicken?


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