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Kora / The open souls


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20th of October at the coroglen tavern in Whitianga


This will be a mean little event both these groups put on an amazing live show and its a perfect excuse to get out of aucks


Just wondering who else is keen to go its on labour weekend so pack your bongs and blunts and get your ass to the Coromandel


More info link

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yea Kora always smash it.


On a Kora related subject



Steve Spacek confirmed.

Shapeshifter to headline

Could be keen to head down for that


Sounds good last time was fun they had the mad art/trippers trail. Such a wicked location but they had a few troubles with organization e.g toilets overflowing with crap not defiantly not nice when tripping.


But i had a real good time it would be so good jamming to spacek and shapeshifter right beside the beach

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Also on the weekend in question is the 'Coro-do' Arts festival, held in Coromandel Town...so any crew heading to Coroglen for the gig might want to stop in Coro town, for some free music and free creative workshops...will be a cool day out.


post a message to me for more info


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