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Key: Iraq War is over


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National leader John Key today declared the Iraq War is over.


His comment sparked surprise from some opponents, who argue the conflict in Iraq remains in a grave state.


Mr Key, commenting on his party's new foreign, defence and trade policy, said on Radio New Zealand's Morning Report: "Frankly, the war in Iraq is over.


"The war was over in a very short period of time, and you've now got a situation where the main coalition forces are looking to withdraw their efforts out of Iraq."


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Please Please PLEASE No one vote for this tool!

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Who you voting for Pakage... Helen I'm really a man Clark???


id rather vote for a he-bitch whose brought us such awesomeness as unbundled internet and kiwisaver than someone who doesnt include iraq in his foreign policy because he believes the war is over..


someone who wants to sell off the land that our public schools are on to private investors who could potentially sell the land whenever they like to obtain the return on their investment..


someone who wants to ditch limits on doctors' fee increases and instead rely on "trust" in GPs not to rip patients off, and competition in the marketplace to keep fees reasonable.


should i continue? the dude is a total tool with some of the worst policies ive seen in a long time..



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These conservative politicians think that if they can class this as an insurgency it will sound nicer than a war...


Basically the general rule of thumb is that anyone who tries to say this isn't a war is trying to sway public opinion... like John Howard and George Bush...


It's a bloody war end of story, you don't have to have two nations to fight a war, you can have a war with your neighbour if you really want to...


In fact.. out of all the wars being fought around the world at the moment... I'd go as far to say that the Iraq war is the largest?.. don't know the figures... Sudan could be larger... yet nobody hears about that on the news these days...


Insurgency... pfft.

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should i continue? the dude is a total tool with some of the worst policies ive seen in a long time..




What about the law the Helen Clark passed that lets refuges into our country without giving them tests for dieses? Eg. Aids


Helen sounds like more of a Tool than Key does... that shit should be common sense! End of Story!

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