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I <3 Patrick Bateman


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DISCLAIMER:: Im very bored and have been watching far too much TV today:::



so I have been loitering and in my loitering (with intent) I have watched american psycho 3 x in the last couple o days, which rekindled something in me ,,,


my interest in serial killers , mass murderers,,,

so who is youre fav if u have a fav and why


(this was way longer but I lost original post)



so my fav would def have to be this guy




and I love his art ,


ok so technically charlie wasnt a serial killer but more of a mass murderer

he basically had a cult of hippy followers who he dosed up on large amounts of acid and conviced them that he was "gawd" and that he was in connection with the devine and was instructed to incite a race war due to the teachings of the beatles white album, more specifally the song helter skelter.


crazy crazy kid fer sure,,, but some of his theories about "now" and being "now" are kinda pretty solid...


and def engage my "fuck the state " parts of my being...



now go forth and tell me who (if infact) u have a fav serial killer mass murderer is,,,

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yep loving american psycho too, I even set up a profile on nz dating as pat bateman and haven't got a single message from the ladies, wonder why?


best serial killer imo is ted bundy, surely patrick bateman is based on him? also another good movie, haven't read many books about serial killers but seen plenty flicks about em


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How timely, I've just started getting back into reading about serial killers.


I think Ed Gein is worthy of a mention. They way he combined 2 of his passions, murder and handicrafts and kitted out his house...


PS - No need to be alarmed peeps, you're all safe with me...I like to read about them because I find it fascinating, not because I'm taking notes.


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the movie about ted bundy is hilarious.....

kept my pals and i entertained for a whole winter down south a few years back.....

endless jokes and quotes that made it into our "real world"


"could you just give me a hand with my books...?"

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Hahahaha.. I too have a morbid fascination with serial killers.. love reading up on them and watching movies / docos about 'em.. good thread.


Ed Gein for the uhh.. win(?) in my opinion, such a sicko. Disturbingly creative with his corpses.. Widely credited for being the inspiration behind the original 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre', and perhaps the characters Buffalo Bill and Hannibal Lecter from 'Silence Of The Lambs' .. and also the song 'Dead Skin Mask' by Slayer. Total freakshow, used to dress himself up transvestite style using skin from corpses and shit


Ted Bundy on the other hand was apparently quite the charmer, articulate and smooth talking (hence his "success" rate) and yeah, that movie is classic, pretty hard to watch at times though, lots of women-bashing


Charlie Manson (who is a mass murderer, not serial killer, as correctly pointed out) is an interesting character/case study of our times, he was definitely a "symptom" of what was happening in America IMO. I recommend his folk albums - he records them from his prison cell


Funny timing with this thread actually cos I watched American Psycho (again) just the other night. Pretty funny at times but I STRONGLY recommend the book over it.. seriously. Way better than the movie. Pretty much a different story actually.. the movie kind of fucked with the whole point I reckon.

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In 1988, this 60 year old woman was sentenced to serve two terms of life imprisonment for the murders of at least 9 people. She would run a boarding house for elderly disabled people, and rob them of their benefit money. She would also kill them and keep on taking the government benefits by forging their checks.


I just like this one ,cause she was JUST a 60 yr old woman making a bit of pocket money hahaha

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