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Purge ALL glowstix


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The time has come.. we must all stand together in a unified and unbreakable line all accross the nation , we must stand unified as heads and renounce this evil that they have bestowed on our senses, on our eyes on our rave,

That is right the time for apathy is no more, we must rise up and rid our floors of the evil, the insidious perveyors of P.L.U.R commercialism, the GLOW STIX.

All troops at the ready, this will be a war with many casualties but they will be remembered , remembered as heros, in the battle to free us from retina slavery,

say no to GLOW STIX, you know what you must do..


go forth and vanquish,


show no mercy , show no sympathy usurp and destroy all GLOW STIX, if we dont the GLOW STIX will win, watch for the GLOW STIX the GLOW STIX are a scene enemy , they must be erradicated, your either for GLOW STIX or against GLOW STIX, GLOW STIX have no souls they are here to denounce your stepping, GLOW STIX will eat small babies and steal your lunch money, GLOW STIX

GLOW STIX made uber wobble fashionable , GLOW STIX

GLOW STIX are to blame for all bad weather GLOW STIX are stealing your jobs



the GLOW STIX wont win,,

in operation erradicate GLOW STIX (GLOW STIX )

we will be the victor

ask not what you can do for the party , ask what the GLOW STIX are doing to annoy u



(today the GLOW STIX warning meter was raised to fluroescent pink)






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Today there has been confirmed intel stating that an imminent situation is brewing

the GLOW STIX threat level has been raised from a mediocre fluroescent pink to a sinister fluroescent yellow


chatter on the internet suggest that the agents of chaos commonly known as

Al P.L.U.Rkaeda is planning a whole scale attack on our homerave, thus the ministry of homerave has decreed that all heads must hand in their 1999 dub plates

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FUX newz report......

today is aday that will live in infamy ,

an elite crack(head) squad o Al P.L.U.Rkaeda was spotted heading into beat merchants with one plan and one plan only.

to reduce our supplies of amen ,tremen record supplies


president tree was heard and seen looking silly and nonchelont as he heard the durge of "nails" throgh his wifi cell phone as the masked and skinny fueled on meth members of Al P.L.U.Rkaeda hijacked dnb.de live stream that president tree was listening to.


the nation mourned


the threat level has been raised to highlighter orange,

we are now under attack, president tree suggested a preemptive strike on Al P.L.U.Rkaeda and its axis of evil of those who wear fluffy boots ,,,

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