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Spouch Diaries


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Dated: 09/09/2007

Dear Diary,

Best Sunday Ever. We've discovered a new pass time.


Its not something I can really explain. Its more of an experience.

The whole thing was rather all-consuming and leaving the spouch was painful.

The concept has become so nigormous, we've created a new branch of science called 'Spouchology', and introduced terms such as 'Spouch-turbation' (Spouching Alone). And the group of spouchers have become the SMPC.

I guess if you're lucky they'll share their stories.



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bro, and at eloises house! she's got the super spouch.


its freakin sweet eh.


its got one bit thats a couch, then an extener bit thats like a whole nother couch but with no back, then this other couch thing that folds down flat and you can stick it on the end.. its sick, you could fit like 15 spouchers on it at once i rekkon.


we spouched it on sunday with the projector setup on the wall and got on the munt and watched wanyes world, back to the future and weird science!


fucking mean spouching right there.

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I remember my first spouch well. I took the middle of one side while everyone had the othersides so I had ultimate leg room, it was like they had lined up alongside my legs to make me the footsy king.


I was so comfortable that I could have a nice snooze but I was not quite rinsed enough to be fast asleep so I was safe from the ever present danger of the vivid.


Add to this that the fact that due to the rinsed out nature of the people in the room the nature of the general banter was one of low topic turnover, thus I could return from my slumber and still partake in the discussion wnd make many a classic call much to the delight of my fellow spouchers.


The comfort factor was high as was the fatigue, therefore I was delighted to find that spouching had become the one thing I can outlast many people in.


I am unsure how many, if any spouching items I chiped in for but I am sure I consumed most so I shall have to clear my debt at the next spouch.


Respect to the SMPC

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