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Zeitgeist, The Movie


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this thread topic was pilthered from bassdrop...


Mr snaxington has directed to this film I recommend that you take some time to watch it.

I dont care what side of the fence your on politically or if you take the time to even care about politix, regardless, this film is a must watch.



basically it sums up alot of things that are current with where we are now as a planet as a race as a species.

It is from the american context but if you remove these idioms and channel its discourse and subjectively digest it within our "reality" it works.

I fundamentally belive and have for years , that "we" must take ownership of said issues within this film.


anywho enuff from me,,,

go forth roll a spliff sit down and watch this shit.. I will meet you on the flip side on the barricades (ideological and literal),





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already seen it


and wot di u tink?


yeah it was good eh.


if even half that shit about the federal reserve bank and the "One World Order" is true then its actually pretty frightening whats going on at the moment..


Also interesting is how they logically show how blatantly america joined all the wars since world war 1 under manufactured circumstances to make money. And when there was no war to join to make money, they'd just make one themselves.. eg. afghanistan & iraq


And I really liked the bit about christianity and how they showed how many ridiculous similarities it has to other current religions and pretty much every past religion thats ever existed. And how Christianity is nothing more than another mutation of the old pagan celestial rituals and all that..


good watch. scary if true. most of it seemed pretty logical to be honest.


its got the pakage seal of approval

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Wow.. what a fantastic documentary...


Seriously this is why I don't endorse the New Zealand Right Wing Political Parties, what they're doing isn't right at all...


I think everyone should watch this movie, it's pretty damn good...


The only problem is the end of the movie... we're told to think... we're encouraged to break our chains of slavery and free our souls...


To what length? if we revolt against the system we will just end up replacing it with another system of oppression...


My favourite part of the movie was a quote from Jimi Hendrix


When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.


I can totally relate to that on many different levels...


More Jimi Hendrix Quotes


Cheers 309z, and excellent documentary, I give it a 10 out of 10.

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So this got me interested in our own central bank...


Q. Who owns the Reserve Bank of New Zealand? Does it have shareholders?


A. The Reserve Bank does not have shareholders. It is 100% "owned" by the New Zealand Government, with any extra revenue that the Reserve Bank makes going back into the Crown accounts. The Reserve Bank is not a government department, but is a body corporate whose finances are included in the Crown accounts




What the fuck does that mean?... it's owned by the NZ Government with revenue going into crown accounts...


It's owned by the government but it's not a government department...


Anyone care to explain?

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Crown-Owned Companies (CROCs) are a subtype of crown entities in New Zealand's state sector. A CROC is a registered company wholly owned by the Crown, and is not a State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) nor a Crown Research Institute (CRI). The exception are the airports still in Crown ownership, where ownership is shared with local authorities.

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Its a seperate entity not governed by the rules and regulations of The Government, kind of like a silent partner in business


Exactly, for the reason that the reserve bank needs to be unbiased when it comes to applying its market controls. If it was run as a government department then the influence on government on the reserve bank could have an impact on how they go about their business.

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Watched this a while ago.. enjoyed part one alot... definitely a good little info buzz, got to part two and yeah nah fuck off with ya 911 crap. but need to watch part three when ive got time fo sho

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You know in the movie when they're talking about the American Revolution....


"1775 the American revolutionary war began as the American Colonies sought to detach from England and it's oppressive monarchy, though many reasons are cited for the revolution one in particular sticks out as the prime cause, that King George the Third of England outlawed the interest free independent currency the colonies where producing and using for themselves, in turn forcing them to borrow money from the Central Bank of England at interest, immediately putting the colonies into debt.


And as Benjamin Fanklin later wrote:


The refusal of King George III to allow the colonies to operate an honest money system, which freed the ordinary man from the clutches of the money manipulators was probably the prime cause of the revolution


So basically.. America revolted to get out of the situation.. and we didn't...


The Commonwealth is an international organization through which countries with diverse social, political, and economic backgrounds cooperate within a framework of common values and goals, outlined in the Singapore Declaration.[1] These include the promotion of democracy, human rights, good governance, the rule of law, individual liberty, egalitarianism, free trade, multilateralism, and world peace.[2]


Queen Elizabeth II is the Head of the Commonwealth, recognized by each state, and as such is the symbol of the free association of the organization's members. This position, however, does not imply political power over Commonwealth member states. In practice, the Queen heads the Commonwealth in a symbolic capacity, and it is the Commonwealth Secretary-General who is the chief executive of the organization. The Commonwealth is not a political union, and does not allow the United Kingdom to exercise any power over the affairs of the organization's other members.


Elizabeth II is also the Head of State, separately, of sixteen members of the Commonwealth, called Commonwealth realms. As each realm is an independent kingdom, Elizabeth II, as monarch, holds a distinct title for each, though, by a Prime Ministers' Conference in 1952, all include the words "Head of the Commonwealth" at the end; for example: Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, Queen of Jamaica and of Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth. Beyond the realms, the majority of the members of the Commonwealth have their own, separate Heads of State: thirty-two members are Commonwealth republics and five members have their own monarchs (Brunei, Lesotho, Malaysia, Swaziland, and Tonga).


God bless the queen, there's a reason why she's on all of our money..


Essentially she owns it.


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got to part two and yeah nah fuck off with ya 911 crap.


do you think the truth about 911 is how Peter Jennings reported it on ABC news?


this documentary made some pretty good points about 911 in my opinion... youve gotta be pretty blind to not see it...

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the amount of straight up BS the american government tries to convince you actually went down on 9/11 is just far too ridiculous to believe..


shit like how the fire inside the trade towers was hot enough to melt the support beams and shit that are in there that are designed to stop it from collapsing in a fire... but somehow, one of the terrorists passports was found in the rubble unscathed...


skepties eh.

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yea man

Im ready fer the ruckus...


time to turn off open my eyes and see and act

fuck this waiting around its tiem to act NOW


Tiem to do what? Honestly bro, you seem a little worked up.


You know I'm down for whatever, but what exactly should we do besides trying to spread the truth like you have done here by posting the link and thereby ensuring that others have access to alternative info..


We could go drive a tractor up the steps of parliament?!


I think the best thing we can take from this is a fresher perspective and use that to enhance our lives through not worrying about, or burdening ourselves so much with neo-political/religious tie downs. With a fresh serving of 'fuck you, I don't care' we can focus on what makes our life better/what makes us as individuals happy.


I'm still gonna worship spider-pig though, he's the real deal.

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