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--- This Way Up NZ/OZ Tour Promo - Submerged


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Hey Guys,


This Way Up will be looking at touring New Zealand in February 2008, with Subtone (NZ/ Canada) & Stalker (Canada), Submerged (USA), IZM (POL / UK) & Displaced (NZ / UK), we’ll be releasing Promo mixes from all tha artists over tha next few months, we're currently talking with promoters now and will let you know confirmed dates.


Hope you enjoy and see you soon.


Submerged will deliver the whole package, deejays, Effects and performs LIVE, while incorporating the freshest dubs from his labels and other international imprints, fusing a hybrid show consisting of Ableton, Trigger Keyboard mastery and MIDI fader controller, and to top it off plays bass guitar with effects to recreate his own tracks creating a full interactive performance.




Kurt Gluck is SUBMERGED. He is the founder of the Ohm Resistance and co founder of Obliterati – 2 of the US' most respected, creative and genre-jarring drum n bass labels. A creator and arranger of electronic music of all types, he focuses mainly on blasting the boundaries of drum n bass wide open. Whether it is thru jagged breakbeat/blastbeat structures, collaborations in the studio with musicians such as Bill Laswell, Pharoah Sanders, Enduser, and Corrupt Souls, or his confrontational artwork, the concept behind SUBMERGED is consistent – ever challenging, ever expanding. Theft and restructure, thru sample based music. Appropriate and Deface.

SUBMERGED performs as a member of several avant garde groups, incorporating drum n bass beats and sound manipulation live into the sets of groups such as the world renowned Painkiller, and his own group with Bill Laswell, Method of Defiance. A member of the elite amongst drum n bass DJs/live performers, he has performed in groups with many infamous artists – from legends such as Milford Graves, John Zorn and Toshinori Kondo, to modern forces such as Mike Patton and Dr. Israel. He is a respected live collaborator wherever the sounds of the most cutting edge drum n bass are needed.

A veteran of many tours as a DJ and as live act, SUBMERGED has performed in places from the extravagant to the obscure. From huge festivals in the US to industrial grain mills in the Baltics, the sound remains the same – heavy, crushing and mind bending. His output includes over 30 releases, major DJ support, 2 full length CDs collaborating with Laswell, with output spanning across Subtitles, Sublight, Avant, AdNoiseam, Sanctuary, Tzadik, and Nobot in addition to his own Ohm Resistance and Obliterati.


Release info.




Submerged - This Way Up Promo Mix:

1) Submerged ft. Corrupt Souls - GUTTER [C.A.B.L.E. Remix] (Ohm Resistance - DUB)

2) Submerged ft. Corrupt Souls - GUTTER (Obliterati)

3) Impulse + Submerged - Trapped (Subtitles)

4) Raiden - Alter Ego (Offkey - DUB)

5) Lethal & Khanage - Look Around You (- DUB)

6) InsideInfo - Clash (Ruse - DUB)

7) Infiltrata + Breaker + Identity - Make Life Illa (Ohm Resistance)

8 ) C.A.B.L.E. - One More Time (Ohm Resistance - DUB)

9) Submerged vs. Temulent - Suicide Hotline [Temulent Remix] (Obliterati*)

10) The Nameless - Dirge (Obliterati - DUB)

11) Violent Skillz - Damn Nation (Ohm Resistance - DUB)

12) Zardonic - Astral Abyss (- DUB)

13) Counterstrike - Innerdemons (Algorhythm - DUB)

14) Submerged ft. D`nee - Frank Booth (Obliterati)

15) Throttler - To The Void (Obliterati - DUB)

16) Gein - Warden (Guerilla - DUB)

17) Pedigree - ? [submerged Remix] (- DUB)

18 ) Idoleast - Untitled (- DUB)

19) The Chosen - Faith of the Fallen (Ohm Resistance - DUB)

20) Breaker - I've Given Up The Hammer The Hatchet (Ohm Resistance)

21) Imaginary Forces - Jacob's Ladder (Obliterati - DUB)

22) Converge - Bare My Teeth


* forthcoming/exclusive tracks











Promoters / Info : thiswayup@ruserecords.co.uk


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