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Political Comedy Gold!


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funny as fuck


Jim Anderton is a tool... but in his defense... they did do the research.... maybe not the RIGHT research... It was funny last night on Cambell live with him and Nandor talking about it....


Nandors all about the regulation and Jim's all ban up and down... Jim's like "Imagine what would happen if we regulated Alcohol"... wtf Jim, we DO regulate alcohol... I think he doesn't even know the correct meaning of the word! motherfucker needs a dictionary, not a Coalition


Party Pills are fuckin rank... but imo regulation is the way

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lol.. man, what a knob stain. i didnt see that spot on campbell live last night, wish i had. this shit is all class..


im all for banning party pills to be honest, i think theyre filthy. but that said, the people who did take them are now probably gonna be taking other, possibly worse for them, more illicit substances in the future..


and again, i personally thought they were gross so i didnt take them.


but i guess just because thats my opinion i dont have a right to force it onto other people. if they liked them, then they should be able to take them.


but yeah, regulation = win.

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A bit contradictory there craig your all for banning them but if they want them they should have them ?


I personally hate the little suckers and i wouldnt touch one unless someone actually managed to force one down my throat. But i still dont want to see them banned i think its a great way to open up a catagory/class where less harmless drugs can be made legal e.g the Herb. Im not saying that BZP and TMFPP are not harmful cause they most definatly are i just think were taking a step backwards in personal freedom which is all ways a bad thing

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yeah, i know bro.. im flippin and floppin today..


but its like that.. i rekkon they should ban them. but then what if i liked them.. i bet id be singing a different tune, as would you if you liked them..


maybe they should just ban me from having them and then ill be happy?!


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the only good thing about party pills is that you can use them as an excuse if you have to deal with pesky cops while your are all fucked up on rounds or squares or what ever. its good because you can just say you are on herbals and there is nothing the pig can do about it. if they become baned then what can you skape goat being wasted on?

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As a favour to me I ask you not to email or contact her regarding this, im going to see how far it goes and then pass along to the Herald



From: Jacqui Dean

Subject: RE: Girl falling into coma in Rotorua

Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 15:33:50 +1200


Attachments: 0







Hi William,


Thank you for your message. Please send me your address and I will send

you a full reply, I can also take this matter up with the Associate

Minister of Helath if you would like?





-----Original Message-----

From: William Seal

Sent: Thursday, 10 May 2007 4:12 p.m.

To: Jacqui Dean

Subject: Girl falling into coma in Rotorua


Good day ma'am.


I am writing in response to the article recently printed (in The Daily

Post) regarding a young woman falling into a coma in Rotorua as a result

of party pill usage. As a strong advocate for the health and wellbeing

of the young people of New Zealand, and a firm supporter of your action

to ban BZP, I also call for you to ban Dihydrogen Monoxide. In many

cases of drug/party pill overdoses reported in New Zealand and overseas,

Dihydrogen Monoxide is considered to be one of the contributing factors,

and as such, should

be classed in the Misuse of Drugs Act. I look forward to your reply

and ask you to take strong action.



Will Seal

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