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JADE Interview (BSE, Citrus, 1210) & This Way Up Review


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After signing a track to Black Sun Empire Recordings in 2004 like a giant meteor hitting tha face of tha moon he made his mark on the Drum and Bass scene not letting up Jade has moved from strength to strength, with releases on a number of established labels and shows around Europe, tours down under and an up coming release schedule of pure platinum! After his latest show in London we’re lucky to have a few words with tha stripy boxer wearing man known as Jade!!



Hi Jade, to get tha ball rolling, who do you rate as your number one sexiest girl in the world? (for tha pics or stfu crew)



When and how did you first get into Drum and Bass?

My first encounter with dnb was accidental. We practically hidden away from rain, in a club. I must admit my feelings at first were contradictory. I liked what I heard, but I couldn’t make difference between the tracks at all, and that annoyed me They all sounded all the same to me. After that I put my hands on a mix by loxy, the tracklist consisted of bad company, kemal, ed rush & optical, etc dubs. It was the fresh sound I was after. Soon I found myself on drum and bass parties, as I got more into the vibe it consumed me. Before this I wasn’t able to pick a genre when I was asked what I was listening to. However I kept my eyes open ever since



How would you explain your sound?

What I like about drum and bass is the pure energy. 170-180 bpm is the perfect tempo for me when it comes to electronic music. I can’t describe “my soundâ€

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