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thanks for having my back....


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just wanna say a massive massive thanks to kritical and the rest of the crew that helped me out last night.

talk about technical difficulties......

with no sound coming through the headphones on the right hand deck,

a very confusing spaghetti junction of chords,

the whole table shaking like crazy from everyone dancing so hard which was causing the needle to jump dramatically every thirty seconds,

while having the pressure of a hyped up crowd to entertain and the pressure id put on myself to do a good set in front of my peers made me panic to say the least.

but with some good old kiwi engenuity in the way of a hoody under each deck and some new needles while kritical and my boy shiny literally held the table down we managed to pull through and have a wicked party.....

im terribly sorry for the first twenty minutes or so of my set....it was near impossible to get a mix happening without one of the records jumping an inch across the grooves.....

thank you so much for everyone that stuck it out and smashed up the dancefloor.....you guys were owning it.....zeb.

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Fuck yeah, talk about team work!! It was awesome to see everyone pulling together like that to make sure that you got the chance to show the punters what we all knew you had up your sleeve Zeb.


You did so well and the fact that you got through it and went on to smash it made sure that noone had any doubt that it was just technical issues and absolutely no fault of yours.


It made me so proud to count all you fullas as friends




PS - bring on October when you get to showcase your skills without all the dramas!

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heh, all good zeb!


im sure you woulda done the same g.


that setup was shocka!


if i played a good tune, the punters danced which made the floor bounce and the needles skip.. so what was i supposed to do? play a shit tune so the punters stand still?




definately a few 'diamond amongst the coal' moments in there tho bro. through all that chaos, you still cranked it.


big up yo'spouch

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Cheers bro,


I knew there were going to be some major problems when we were standing there watching Cern mix... we could see the Table rocking back and forth at least 2 inches whenever the crowd got amped...


So pretty much as soon as you jumped on we had problems, nobody had bothered to plug the right-hand turntable in! Fortunately I managed to figure that out, plug it in and change it from "Line in" to "Phono" on the mixer before the first tune ran out....


And that's when the trouble really began, the crowd was stomping so hard that the needles were jumping off the decks, our first attempt to fix this involved getting a group of us up the front to form a barricade, this really didn't fix the problem. Next Evoke tried to use his Mic to inform people of the problem, again didn't work.


I went to the bar people and asked for towels, all I got was about 20 paper towels... folded them up and jammed them under the decks then literally held the table trying to absorb the shocks.. still no luck.


At this stage half of the people had left the floor and Zeb was obviously about to lose all hope... seriously... was a fucking shit situation...


Then I said fuck it... we can fix this.. ripped off my hoddie, popped it underneath the first deck so it was literally an inch off the table, then signalled a mate who had another large hoddie and did the same again with the other deck, Sam and Craig come back with some decent needles, then I we held the table down again...


And wouldn't you know it.. people are fucking stomping and jumping but those needles aren't skipping!


In about 5-10 minutes Zeb is smashing it out, the dance floor packs out.. and for a good hour and a half people are just going nuts.


Close save

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big ups to the dbnz massive for representing.

and cheers to DoleySusan for the great morning.

Big up ya spouch



doley susan and the spouch are my new fave things in the whole world.....

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