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not so good...


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gee. another civil liberty about to be taken from us. you thought it would "never happen" with the cigs either...

remember, this comes at a time when COHERENT has already noise restrictions enforced.

in the wise words of Bob, get up stand up....

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beurocratic redtape my friends.......ignore it...well all be deaf anyway by the time they can enfocre this one....turn that sub up and lets get down to the business....

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and anyway....its not as if clubs are cranking midweek during the day and if you live in the city and your trying to sleep at night...tough shit..thats what you get for an uber trendy inner city urban lifestyle.....if ya want peace and quiet fuck off to the country ya whinging old farts....

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I agreed with Cigarettes getting taken out of bars/clubs..


But I'm not too sure about this one..


I think that anyone working in a loud working environment who doesn't regularly use hearing protection is a douche bag.


I think that employer who does not allow the use of ear protection should get fined $250,000 on the spot.


I also think that employers should have to provide ear protection on demand.

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