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how on earth

Turbo Custard

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Man holy crap some people live such closed in lives and believe everything dictated to them by the media all you need to do to get an idea of how messed up the place is watch fox news for ten minutes it will scare the shit out of you


I once saw a news discussion about what was causing all the hurricanes and severe weather systems that were happening at the time and they had a text poll on these two options (i was bored in my hotel room in L.A)


1 Gods wrath as punishment for invading iraq

2 Changing global weather systems


And this is one of the biggest news agency's in the country if not the biggest im not sure

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I could go on for a while on the evils of Fox news. I watch it and find it to be the most humorous channel ever. The scroll bar makes for much humour - especially if you read up another news site/channel and find a whole different outcome to the same issue.


Its a shame when the only real journalist in America is Jon Stewart of The Daily Show.

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