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covered in blood i awoke from my slumber... i wondered which new wonderful place i was... i checked my body for wounds and marks... I found none... i blinked 5 blinks to a second and could recollect dark figures flashing within tha closure, i increased my blinks to 10 per second, like a film i could see what had transpired the previous evening, suddenly a score resounded within my head, twinkle twinkle little star... how i wonder what you are... it can't have been a crime or i would have surly been caught, next friday i will neglect tha tequilla.

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Man burned lighting cigarette next to leaky gas cylinder


A motorist was badly burned when a leaking LPG cylinder beside him on the front seat exploded as he lit a cigarette.


Ray Miles was able to scramble out moments before the vehicle was engulfed in flames.


The 23-year-old salesman from New Plymouth was first taken to Taranaki Base Hospital, then to Waikato Hospital's burns unit on Saturday.


He was today reported to be in a stable condition.


The explosion happened just after midnight Friday at a New Plymouth carpark.




Dude nearly got Darwin'd


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i had a similar exp fri night


i got so drunk all i remember is sexing some girl from my work, putting fingers in her bum and falling asleep before i could nut.


15 beers feat. no dinner = fucked up times



love ur werk cramer!

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if you havent seen it ben, check out www.explosm.net (where i got this comic)


just click on comic up the top and it will take you to the most recent one. You can work your way back or go right to the beginning and start going forward.


quality shit.


werd werd mr pakmang will sound that mofo out at hm, not sure that (insert large telco comp) will appreciate me looking at this on their time

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