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Im looking to buy reprints of classic movie posters to put in our new dvd room (still a work in progress, but the new soundsystem and a big ol projector have been bought =)


The idea is that im looking to A3 or larger reprints (ior originals if by some form of bullshit they happen to be the same price) and the original design of the big name classics.


Google doesn't bring up too many ideas, and overseas sites rape me on postage.



So... Does anyone know a place in NZ that sells these, or an NZ website?

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With the dollar still doing pretty well I'm sure it'll end up cheaper to buy them from USA (eBay etc) including shipping than buying it here retail price


But for the lazy option you could just go to ANY music store in AK and get them to order in whatever you want (they all go through the same suppliers), or check out Real Groovy, which is definitely the best stocked store in AK for that kind of sheeyit

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