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This or That?


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simple quiz consisting of 'this or that' questions which are supposed to give us some insight into your psyche or something..




aparantly im:


The Best Friend


You are that person who would be the perfect best friend... You would give up everything for your friends even if it means compromising something for yourself... You are that person who someone knows that they can tell anything to and you won't get mad or tell anyone else!



wow its accurate


what are you?

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This or That


My Results:





The Partier


You are a partier... You like to go out and have fun and are probably a bit crazy... You have lots of friends and like it that way... You probably don't like serious relationships or anything like that because you are energetic and don't like to be tied down!

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I knew this already tho


The Girlfriend/Boyfriend


You are that perfect girlfriend/boyfriend... You love love... You cherish the though of finding that one person who you can love for forever... That person who you can have fun with or be serious with... You are that person and would love to love someone who was like that as well!

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10. Would you go for: Love or Money?


That was a tough one...


24. Are you: An Introvert or an Extrovert?


Had to look this up on Wikipedia....




The Girlfriend/Boyfriend




The results of this can't be very accurate because half of the time I'm a raging psychopath and the other half of the time I'm cool calm and collected...


I couldn't choose an answer for at least half of those questions..


A good 5 minutes of my life wasted... serves me right for being curious!

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