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Ez DnBnZ guys and goils,


we have recently updated all our tunes on our myspace page including a dubstep tune for anyone that wants a listen - most notably the collaboration with ChCh legend Dose, "Jackblack" which will be due out on Revolution Recordings towards the end of the year. The two other tunes are unsigned and reasonably fresh from the oven - "Lock Stock" and "Satellites," which we finished yesterday. Big thanks to everyone that has stopped by and said hi - it's always appreciated ;-] In the second week of August we will be hitting ChCh and Dunners for our first propa visit, Friday the 10th at Backstage in Dunedin and Saturday the 11th for Localise at Double Happy. We've been amping for this for ages so it would be great to see all you folks out there that can make it...


Ez now

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