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Top 20 DBNZ forum whores


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im still number 1 forum whore.. dunno if thats something to be proud or ashamed of?!


but the breaking news is that Mike over took Nato (relatively) recently for the number 2 spot.


well done mike.. you're the 2nd biggest whore on this site after me


Grind & Tomkid have squeezed out Kritical taking places 4 and 5


and the rest of you suck coz you havent cracked 4 figures yet


Well, now that thats all said and done.. get the fuck back to work whores before i bitch slap you with my pimp hand!


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also worth noting jga's fall from glory(if you'd call it that :| ) who could forget the 'i bet you i can make 150 posts in 24hours' after a few too many distinction ale's(I believe it was 5 ) at Rotation. For those not in the loop he did it using 2 computers at the same desk and whored fuck out of the forum for 23 hours, to the best of my knowledge the bet was never payed


Those were same JGA'd times

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Im comin for you Pakage =p


Technically im the biggest forum whore cause the owners of the site shouldnt count =p


I do the majority of my posts from home so i now crown myself


'King of the dnbz nerds with no social life!' Just try to take my crown biatches =p

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said the forum whore to the forum fiend

a time of work and time of play with no time inbetween

one works to play and plays to gleen a slice of something more

but when work is done and time to go has still not come to fore

i play at work and duty shirk said the fiend to forum whore

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ASC Red Sector L14 04 Feb 2003 4293

2 System Straae-yah 04 Feb 2003 2656

3 Cakes Work 04 Feb 2003 2370

4 JGA 9hrs north of the filming of HALO 12 Feb 2003 2297

5 Ezeekil San Diego, CA 18 Feb 2003 2234

6 d'Aeryx A'queryx suburban rainforest 05 Jul 2003 1965

7 Symmetry oslo, norway 26 Jun 2003 1560

8 OPFOR CA 15 Feb 2003 1388

9 tectonic Linköping, Sweden 04 Feb 2003 1209

10 miklo Link 04 Feb 2003 1204



im still in the top ten on the cov-ops forum, although ive dropped from third place

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i would hardly call 3000 posts in 2 years a forum whore.


compare the number of posts to people on Biggie or NZR and there you will see some true forum whores


Its more based on how many people are posting.


That many posts is impressive considering the average number of users who actually post. Biggie has a higher user base so more topics, more replies and more chances to post inane shit.

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