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Happy Birthday Dr Awesome!


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Cheers guys, looking forward to doing things legally that i've done for years.


I'll be popping down to fu for calyx and teebee (thanks kelsey), should be the first opportunity to get in with my own ID, speaking of which: perceptualChaos, i found your drivers licence... turns out it was in wallet all along. Fancy that.

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Happy birthday dude......ever since you joined up and regaled us with a tale of some stupid slapper at a parade in town your input on the forum has only gotten less and less tasteful. Keep it up

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Sorry I'm late on the board with this but Happy Birthday and I hope you finally listened to my lovely happy birthday song i sang to your voicemail. And I look forward to partying with you at the homeland (Fu Bar). I have your ticket in my hand bag. Where I'll keep your passport if you like hahahaha.

See you soon


P.S. Let me know if you need a ride home after the gig.

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