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Avril Lavigne Sued By U.S. Songwriters


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Avril Lavigne is being sued by U.S. songwriters who claim that her smash hit "Girlfriend" suspiciously sounds like a track from the 1970s.


Lavigne's manager, Terry McBride, said the pop star is one of several people named in a lawsuit filed July 2 that alleges striking similarities to the Rubinoos song "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend." The group's founder, Tommy Dunbar, filed the suit in California's Northern Federal District Court and also names Lavigne's publishing company Avril Lavigne Publishing and Lavigne's songwriting partner Dr. Luke as defendants.


McBride said the claim is unfounded, noting that a musicologist he hired to study both tracks has deemed them completely different songs. Still, McBride, also CEO of Nettwerk Music Group, admitted that he's considering settling the suit out of court if the costs of defending the case prove too high.


The suit comes on the heels of a jab at Lavigne by fellow Canuck songstress Chantal Kreviazuk who recently told an American music magazine that Lavigne stole one of her songs for the her latest album, "The Best Damn Thing."


Kreviazuk said that two years ago, she sent the Napanee, Ont., singer a song called "Contagious" and notes that a song with the same name appears on the track listing of Lavigne's latest album.


According to a media report, LA singer Evan Taubenfeld, who collaborated with Lavigne on the record said that they wrote the song from scratch and any similarities it might have with Kreviazuk's "Contagious" end with the title.







So I've posted the two songs from the 30 second clips I found of them in the iTunes store.......CLIP


What do you think?

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you think they could make up a more technical sounding name


Is a Prostitutologist a person that studies hookers? more likely they are sad sad people who can't get any, but come on - it doesn't sound like the correct term.


*goes to research.. on musicologists =p*

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