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Calling bedroom DJS!

Tag Promotions

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So you think you're hot and all your mates rate you?


Then the breaks crew at Supper want to check you out.


NuBreaks.. providing Auckland with Breakbeat action every Thursday and ruining Friday work attendance for the past 5 years.. might just have a proposition for you.


NuBreaks, and its infamous founder Page3, have been giving up and coming Breaks and DnB djs a break (getit??) for 5 long years. And well he must be doing something right, becuase NuBreaks is the longest running weekly event this dance scene has to offer as well as being some of the first gigs MANY well known Djs have had!


The thing is... since he got married, he has turned all nice and stuff.. so now Tag Promotions has decided to give a random bedroom Breaks/dnb DJ a chance to play support for two of the most kickass internattys around, The Scratch Perverts and Adam Freeland on September 21st. Yup.. they are going to let a random person onto their lineup.


So any bedroom Breaks or DnB DJS out there who think they want to step up (and have enough rent-a-crowd mates to make it look like they are tearing up Supper) get in touch with sarah@tagpromotions.co.nz.


Each week will be judged by a Tag DJ, and the final by Page3.


Scratch Perverts and Adam Freeland.. honestly, when will you get another chance like this?


(and PS Page rates vinyl... and Good luck!)

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