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chicken sartay roll's are good or any gormae pies. go some Mc satin burger if your down with fast food or you could swing the way of the dim sim to the curry muncher, if ur in ak bro the world is you ostyer for lunch if you have the time / transport / effort.

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can't beat Little Turkish Cafe imo - but then again I havent had a kebab from the 'queens' franchise in a pretty long time - hows it compare these days?

kebabs on queen rip up lil turkish. i dont like the bun style kebabs, prefer the wrap ones eh.

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You're a crazy man Pakage! Nah - if you don't like the flat-bread ones, then fair enough - I would've recommended Istanbul down on lower Queen St though if that wasn't the case..


Best kebabs ever is Eden Kebabs on Dominion Rd.. believe me!

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