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Bulletproof - Shake the foundation CDLP - IN STORES TODAY!!!


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Ez all...


the new CDlp is now available in all good record stores. Its got tonnes of the best bits from the last 7 years from various labels, plus a "Datura" with Concord Dawn, And "Shackle me not" which was produced exclusively for Shake the foundations and is recieving loads of support by names like pendulum, Concord dawn, The Upbeats, Loxy, Optical and more.




Bulletproof-The Nephilim (Konflict Remix)

Bulletproof-The Klink

Bulletproof-The Birds

Bulletproof-110 Degrees


Bulletproof Optiv & Concord Dawn -Scorched Earth (Kemal Remix)

Bulletproof & Optiv -Camouflage

Bulletproof -Filthy Sinner


Bulletproof & Concord Dawn-Datura

Bulletproof-Shackle Me Not


All the old bits are spanking new re-masters done by evan from concord dawn, and sound absolutely heavy. the compilation is unmixed, coz we know you dj's like it like that!


Fully appreciate everyones support, the tour was off the hook, so is the lp, so go out and grab yerself a copy!

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somebody please tell me the name of the first track potts played last week at coherent.....????

its driving me nuts....

is it on this compilation...???

i need to hear it.....

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