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So... my trusty stereo of roughly 7 years, just yesterday ceased to function. Its done this before, flicking off with a dodgy ' push power to protect ' warning and usually goes back to normal after an hour or two. However, since the back of the unit is now smelling like a 60yr old smoker, and the warning on the display refuses to disappear, I'm thinking I may have to just dump it and get new shit. It was a SONY MHC-DX5 and performed well considering how much of a thrashing i gave it.


Anyway, I dont know the first thing wen it comes to AMPs and studio monitors, etc.. and was wondering if anyone could help point me in the right direction, maybe give examples of the basic things i need to get me up and running with a stack system. (since im flagging getting a midi system again).


All I need to do is run my decks/mixer, and be able to hook it up to TV/DVD/ Ipod, audio inputs. Anyone recommend gear suitable for bedroom use, with a modest budget? Im flexible in th way of speakers: - satellite monitors / tower speakers / PA monitors... watever...


Even just lettn me know wat gears u guys/gals hav all got?


Big thanks

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I have a Yamaha RX-396 amp with a Yamaha CDC-585 5 disc cd player and Yamaha (again) NS-333 speakers. Frickin nice sound for listening to music, very natural, clean and even.. I think I spent between 1500 and 2grand on it couple years back. How much you looking at spending?

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Trade-me is good for all your hi-fi needs.. and don't be put off by old stereo amps, they're fucken mean. Meaner in fact, than many of the new ones you can get these days. . if you're after Wharfedale gears i can point you in the right direction of some cost-price stuff too

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Its been discussed before to some degree, check here bro:


Good DJ Monitor speakers for the bedroom and the small party


i got tapco s8 studio monitors:



theyre self powered so all you need to do is plug them into the mixer. They'll set you back around $1500 for a pair though.


i used to use them for mixing but now i use them on my computer for production. I picked up this stereo for mixing on:



I use this to mix on when im just having a jam, but if i wanna record anything i use the monitors because theyre soo much clearer!


i got that stereo off trade me for $200 from a finance company that Repo'd it!


Im pretty happy with both of these products.


Im gonna save up and get some better monitors for using on my computer and probably a studio Sub too, then move the tapco's back over to the mixing setup and have both them and the stereo with sub to mix on!




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if you want monitors and were going to spend $500 on an amp.... i'd just buy some behringer truth's from the rockshop for $700. They are active, so you don't need an amp.... very good speakers.





The only thing with the truths is that there tends to be quite a large manufacturing variation with them... mine were really good but i've heard of someone that wasn't so happy with them so ask them to let you test the same speakers you're gonna buy.


I HIGHLY recommend taking this option instead of an amp and speakers.


But if you must, I'm a big fan of the ONKYO amps. The heavier an amp is the better it is in general but if you're just going to be running stereo speakers then don't go buying any fancy smancy 5.1 digital receivers... just get an oldskool 2 channel beast.



As for hooking up multiple things to your monitors at once...


You can either just use your mixer if it has enough inputs (best option IMO)


Or you can buy an A/V selector switch like this one which will set you back $30 from dickhead.


For cables, get some nice shielded or dual shielded RCA cables and some RCA->1/4" converters. The truth's don't have RCA inputs so you must buy at least 2 of these converters.



Its probably a good idea to do a bulk internet order now and get a bunch of those and a bunch of RCA cables as well. Let me know if you're keen cause i wouldn't mind getting a few cables as well which could reduce shipping costs for you.


Oh you need one of these cables for your ipod as well


You can get all that stuff more easily (more $$$ too though) from the rockshop on K rd if you don't want to wait for it get here from overseas.

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I may be mistaken but originally you were asking for advice on a Hi-Fi system that you can also DJ on, right? But now you're being led solely down the DJ pathway..


Either way, don't buy an amp for $500- definitely put it towards some active studio monitors.. you can't beat 'em for sound and their ease of use (although I wouldn't recommend the Truths, personally)..


If you have a decent mixer you would def want to use the XLR cables btw, not the RCAs..


As for rigging up your DJ equipment to your stack system (the components for which you can buy fairly cheap on trade-me), this is where it gets fun depends on what sort of mixer you got though.. If it has an extra set of outs and a booth/monitor control then it's on like king-kong!


You'd need a separate amp obviously (don't pay $500! steal your grandmas or look on trade-me) running out to some nice bookshelf speakers, perhaps a sub, use the studio monitors as fronts, invest in some nice rears.. wait.. how big is your room?

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fuck yeah, we should all put our equipment into one big stack and load it into one of sirk_grebob's campervans and rock round on his road little road trip he's plannin on doin blasting the fuck outta the airwaves


we can call it the camper-valve sound system



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although I wouldn't recommend the Truths, personally


What would you recommend? I'm using Event TR8's now and they are a lot nicer than the Truth's for producing but not really suitable for DJ'ing since they don't have red light LED's, and also they cost $500 more. The truth's are the best monitors in that price range IMO... better than the M1's at least and I reckon they're better than the KRK's.


good call on the XLR's



I'm also interested to know how big your room is Mystic_.... the truth's crank loud enough to be uncomfortably loud in a medium size bedroom, don't think you really need more speakers/amps if thats the case.

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