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We Need YOU!


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Hey crew,


With our first monthly dbnz showcase gig coming up this friday we really need to start winding this up and hitting the publicity mission hard.


I still have a good few hundred flyers to get distribute and help spread the word. If anyone has any good ideas of where to hand out these flyers combined with the time to hand them out and good handing out skills, i am looking for volunteers to help distribute them!


To ensure that we have a kick ass party and secure more kick ass gigs at coherent for yall to go nuts and rave to, we really need to make this party a success.


Im sure that you all appreciate the blood, sweat and tears that we here at drumandbass.co.nz put into helping out the scene! now its your turn to take a half hour out of your daily routine and give a little something back


plus, ill put your name on the door if you hand out a big stack!


holla back,


021 10 50 321




remember, applicants gotta have good handing out skills

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i would have been keen as mustard to help hand out flyers 4 u guys but i had to lash back 2 chch doing a camper relo and i am stuck down here for a cupple of weeks so i am not really able to help, can't evin make it but i will b there in heart. i will still rinse out some online promotion though but thats about the extent i can help. sorry dog

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