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Customized Cats?


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Some of these look pretty photoshopped, ill let you be the judge, aparantly you can get your cat painted for around USD$15,000 and it has to get done 3 times a year because the cats hair grows out.


Some of them look really awesome, some pretty crappy and others just plain degrading.


My favourite has to be the skeletor one or the giraffe pattern ones.



I lolled

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I'm pretty sure my cat would at least try to scratch out the eyes of anyone who tried to do that to her. And if they did succeed she'd probably hide in shame until it grew out, just like those little dogs that get forced to wear tutus and always look painfully aware of how stupid they look.

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choice a cat post....


me and ems are awaiting the easter arrival of our new cat poppy, shes a maine coon, the largest breed of domestic cat....



heres a nice one....


yes they get fucken massive....


ive got a pic of myself with the largest maine coon in NZ, but i aint got on my pc yet so ill post it up laters...

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Pakage - I was packing all my books and I found a book you would love about cats ( and no not cutsy squishy things!)

when I get unpacked I wll show you it


Lol, cutsy squishy things are the best kind of pussies you can get.

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is it that 101 uses for a dead cat book?


I gots that... I reckon the 101 uses for a man is the better one... like... 90% of the suggestions involve penis or anus uses.... like having a guy stand nekkid at your front door all day with his pole through a hole conveniently drilled into your front door which people tug on. The screams are supposed to be your door bell


Towel holder... Parrot perch... all sorts


cute kitty

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This is the largest cat in NZ, his name is lochy, held by teh breeder....






i'll give your mini lion a camo hair do for a thousand dollars bro.

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