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Fuck yous all


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added mo fo!


glad to have you kickin around on these boards, even if its only occasionally


big ups the freak recordings and all that!


ez boh


eeeezzzzzzzzeeeeeee. All good mate! Been hooning around here as a lurkerer for a while. Thought I had better hackually participate!

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sweet bo,






Any plans for coming and gracing us with your presence up these ways for a mix anytime soon?


Hopefully aye! I have not heard back from promoters or people representing me, so I assume all is shit. I know I am playing in Nelson 24th March and a gig is coming up in Palmerston North. But that is all.


Plenty of time for now. Just working on getting the releases sorted on Freak and then it is time to tour! But yeah until then I am just concentrating on local gigs. I am waiting for Dylan to get back home from touring, then he is gonna gimme some new tunes to play out here...

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oh man; ima sure I heard some of your tunes about 2/3 years ago that were included in a local dnb repository torrent thing of doom; they quite good and I wondered what would become of you and your songs. [/subtle hint that the hard drive the musiks was on failed and you desperately want to PM a private FTP pass to all your songs]


imho its always good to see a darker side to new Zealand drum and bass so ka pai etc.

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JGA > Dunedin? Crazy! Vacation? haahha awesome


Grind > Nah, Like I said, been lurking a bit. Long time listener,first time caller sort of deal. I like to pout :teef:


Mosaic > Yeah bro for sure, be cool to catch up!


rd*362745 > hahaha yeah. Keeps the skin good for the skinsuits

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