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jga in the dirty south


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well its been awhile now since i left aucks and huzzah im not home sick, although im yet to own a home, cant imagine ever being able to afford one in aucks plus theres just too many ppl around now. yes the slow paced life in dunners is for me work and play, mainly BF2.


im still buying records, spent about $600 since i been here which has been about 8 or 9 weeks,

playing paintball once a month cause that shit kicks arse.

no real internet where im at at the moment 56k and shit, no good for the daily fix.


clubbing has been a little quite as they dont have any evening dnb happening, so i must take the initiative so will endeavour to start up a evening week night dnb night once i get the rest of my records down.


\alot has changed since i last came down, most of my friedns are either married or hav kids or are expecting kids, makes me wonder if ive actually grown up at all, but when i think of a long term relationship all i imagine is moaning, not healthy. i may have to ease up on what im looking for in a girl, so maybe now she doesnt have to know all the main characters of stargate sg 1


so ill be back in May for the unvielling of my grandmothers headstone, i will organise to play somewhere if im in town for that long and try and get out for a beer


package get back to me about the slippery slopes

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eh wot? you moved to Duniden? and you're complaining about a lack of dnb? from the guy who formaly retired? new stargate sucks european accent balls.


but yeha bro, my little bro might be able to get you the mad uni hook ups, some of the shit them kids are getting upto might be up oyur sleepy alley ;P


jump on msn some time though bo.


and move to welly or something. safe as houses for you there I'd imagine.

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yeah move to welli cuz

good to see youre doing well down there... im probably gonna toddle down there in the next few months... ill flick you a text and we'll catch up for some ales and malaysian yeah? found any good noodle houses down there yet?

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Big up the jga man!


Why are you still buying rekkids after you sold heaps up here? Crazy cunt.

im really only buying hard to find records now, recently i just bought quite a few new polar/k bits from certificate 18 and subtitles, classics and i am continuing my support for the labels i love
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