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Mosaic - More Gangsta Than Your Mum


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Mosaic - More Gangsta Than Your Mum




Sup Yall threw this together yesterday.


Hope yall enjoy.




Tracklist with times just for DBGM


00:00 - ODB - Shimmy Shimmy Ya

00:25 - Blackstar - Definition

01:45 - Soulive feat. Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek - Bridge to Bama (Instrumental)

02:35 - Jehst - Alcoholic Author (Accapella)

04:04 - The Blacknificent Seven - U Wot (remix)

07:53 - MOP - Ante Up

11:02 - People Under The Stairs - Out Da Club

13:15 - Jehst - Under The Weather

15:24 - Vadim feat. Vakill - It's On (Instrumental)

16:13 - DJ Mentat feat. Roots Manuva and Seanie T - Rugged Wid It (Accapella)

17:42 - Braintax - Tools

20:38 - Jazzy Jeff feat. J Live - Break It Down

23:21 - Vybz Kartel - Sweet to the Belly (Frontin)

25:23 - Beastie Boys - Alive (Evidence remix)

27:24 - TY - Oh You Want More (Instrumental)

28:25 - Talib Kweli - Get By (Accapella) (Woops!!)

30:08 - Baby Cham - Girl (Yeah)


Total Time 32 Minutes



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Cheers for the rehost Package much appreciated.


On it being at 128K, 1st I am lazy and am not going to re-upload it, and 2nd it doesn't really need to be higher than this as it is a mix it's not like your going to play it out or something, 3rd If it's good enough for Dom to do mixes at 128 then fucken oath it's fine for me.


Hope yall are enjoying it.

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  • 4 weeks later...
sooo... no chance at all of a better quality version then Mosiac?


Have to say, it's good to listen to a hh mix for a change


Ummm probably not, glad you guys are feeling it man.


Always good to broaden out the horizons every now and then, although I guess for me I listen to way more hip hop than dnb nowadays

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downloaded this a while ago, nice mix from what I remember... i'm with the others though, its crap quality so I usually skip past it when putting on a mix and i'll probably delete it at some stage


Put it this way, Dom may have encoded free mixes at 128k in the past but he sure as hell won't be encoding the mixes he makes for himself/ his mates that low. Even then, its probably not Dom that encoded it that low, rather the people who are hosting it - e.g. dnb arena who always encode their mixes at 128k.


Anything lower than 160kbps has a quality degradation to the point of annoyance... especially for those of us who have good sound systems / studio monitors

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True true and yeah it was DNB arena that the Dom mix came from, how perceptive of you.


Yeah it was predominantly encoded low out of me not wanting to wait ages for it to upload as I am an impatient bastard.


If enough of you hassle me I will put it up (if I can find it) at a higher rate.

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