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Drum&Bass magazine?


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Knowledge mag, and ATM mag.


I prefer Knowledge, but at the end of the day it comes down to what the mix CD for each of them is for that month.


Both are available from Beat Merchants or Real Groovy. Pretty sure both mags have websites too so you should google 'em.



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Knowledge Magazine and ATM Magazine can both be picked up at Beat Merchants and Real Groovy I believe.


I see what you did there


Nicely summarised


We must have been connected on some psychic hotline for a minute there. Both mentioned to 2 mags, and the same places to get them. Grind, get outta my head-waves please!

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I want the return of ATM's free australasian mag =p



HELL YES. Aside from the fact that I got a chance to do a couple of bits and pieces for them . . . this was such a quality rag, the journalism was top notch AND it was free.


No accounting for the aussie hip hop though . . . heh

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