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mmmm heavy!


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so tell me

what do u think is the heaviest choon ? atm,,,,,

I think I have found it,,,


Gein ,,Hell


Thats actually not half as much of a thrashy powernoise tune as i have come to expect from your heavy tune selections ben



i dont minnd that tune, heavy, but still rollin rollin. Not quite my style but its all good!


heaviest: spor - sucker punch


burn buildings: pantera - sand blasted skin


start revolution: break - the truth


fav tune atm: break - yes


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heaviest: GENOTYPE - EXTRA TERRESTRIAL - DOM & ROLAND REMIX.. probably one of the heaviest dnb tunes of all time, back from when the really fucken heavy tunes were actually really fucken good


burn buildings: MORBID ANGEL - LIONS DEN


start revolution: AMIT - SWASTIKA .. clearly.



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