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Merry X-Mass from future sickness records +free tunes


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Future Sickness Records wishes u a Merry X-Mass and a Bloody New Year 2007 to all of ya.


To begin with,thankz to all that supported us the last 6 months and in return we give u 3 free tunes!!


Zubcore - Dragonsword

Unabomber & Mystification - Face Your Fear

Unabomber - Something Else



I hope u'll enjoy the tunes as much as i do and feel free to play them,share them with friends.

We got more to come in 2007 such as our first vinyl release with a massive collab from the South African duo Counterstrike and American based Mumblz with the tune named "Sickness & Suffering" and on the flipside a collab from American producers Mumblz, Empire-X & Cenobites with "Undergrounds our Style".This release is planned end of January 2007.


After this one we got a EP with the German Slaughter Current Value but more about this after the first release but this one gonna be a banger!!!


And also not to forget some new release on our Digital part with SICKDIG004 featuring the Debut of Kalashnikov (recently signed to Offkey) with the tune called "Fucking" and virtual flipside the Venezulian producer Zardonic with "Seizure Of Iniquity".


And after this pne we got a Digital release with,oh yes,Current Value with 2 banging tunes called "The Fallen" which Axis & Trank did a rmx of btw ;-) and "Fear & XTC" played by several big names in the scene.

Afterwards we got the digital release of Vicious-D's "Flesheater" and the rmx compitition winner will be on the flipside of this.


More about this all @

http://www.futuresickness-records.com and http://www.myspace.com/futuresicknessrecordings

Also don't forget to check out the shop for our digital releases,t-shirts and from next month our first vinyl release and also visit our forum and introduce yourselfs to the mass.


Well,that's it for now.....

A Merry X-Mass and a Happy New Year from the Future Sickness Camp.


Don't forget to check out our radioshows


: 1st & 3rd Thursdays ::@ drumnbasstv

19:00 till 21:00 GMT

FUTURE SICKNESS RECORDS - Spookane,N.D.M,Grievous,RDS,D Min. and various guests

Live from Belgium/France

Darkstep,Techstep,Neurofunk,Technoid DnB to da corish side





:: Sundays ::@ Leetradio

18:00 till 20:00 GMT

FUTURE SICKNESS RECORDS - Spookane,N.D.M, Grievous,RDS,,D Min. and various guests

Live from Belgium/France

Darkstep,Techstep,Neurofunk,Technoid DnB to da corish side





see you fuckers in april/may

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Good stuff (lol at the rtf .nfo though - you guys need to work on the ascii). speaking of witch, whats the deal with the DRM on these songs, are they free to upload/torrent/distrubute/sexwith?


Only .rtf in the rar bro, no .nfo file in it.


The tunes are still part of future sickness records so keep them to yourself, you can play them and share with friends but dont put it on torrents and dont distrubute them

and dr awesome: you can have sex with those tunes, if you do post a picture of it okay.


Cheers guys, hope your feeling the free stuff


happy xmas guys

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