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Birthday Marathon/Goodbye Mess


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Hey Everyone,

Most of you probably know that I'm finally becoming 'old enough' next week, (Wed 6.12), And due to the millions (I mean 3) of gigs happening next week I've flagged the party idea and have ran with the marathon idea. And also it's my last weekend in Auckland as I move back up to Whangarei on the 12th of Dec, I intend to make a right mess of it. And because I know all you cats are gonna miss me dearly, I expect to see you at least once over Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sat.

Wed, 6.12: Show Girls - Free Entry for ladies all night, Free entry for gentlemen before 7pm ($20 entry fee otherwise). Happy hour from 5pm til 9pm (Half price house beers, wines and spirits) I wanna be there from just before 7pm till about 8.30pm. :-) Just a quiet night.


Thurs, 7.12: EndX - Limewax @ Rising Sun, missing this gig will become the 8th deadly sin.


Fri, 8.12: John B @ 4.20, don't know much of this guy but he looks fricken EXTREME, and I've heard good things, and I wanna see how buzzy he looks.


Sat 9.12: Tech Support Xmas Special @ Fu Bar: Our home away from home. My last night, probably definately the messiest, I expect copies of all pictures from all nights. Cause when I'm in Whangarei there'll be no drum n bass gigs so I'll be sitting at home scrap booking. Heh.


Spot Ya.

Kelz xoxo

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