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wish me luck!


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I'm always up for a celebration!


Must be such a relief, and good on you for telling them the truth too.


I'm toying with the idea of doing the same thing, am sooooooo over my job. Now I just need to find myself an oil sheik who can fund my life of leisure but has about 20 wives so he isn't too demanding of my time...

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in other news i got a job this week. trial basis, but its looking goog, which is lucky cause i just splashed out $305 on records, which kinda average out to about $20 a record and im happy that ive had the chance to get those records.


so where to now christie

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I've just written my resignation letter too...


Going to hand it in this afternoon and count down the days til I enter the realm of the unemployed (30th March is D-day)


I'm pretty nervous but I bet I'll feel way better once it's done...



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