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And The Award For The Sickst Tune @TM goes 2....


Is JT :my lLove a sick choon?  

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  1. 1. Is JT :my lLove a sick choon?

    • yes
    • no

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... im so fucking glad to say ive NEVER heard it EVER!!!


not even once or a little. (not being near a tv, or a tv that plays mtv1)


Considering some of the tunes off his first solo album had dnb influences (timbaland = closet junglist, NERD work on senorita(sp?) instrumental is kinda cool) so maybe the beats could be half decent.

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yea bro this choon has this mad rave syncth and real tight two step kinda beat, its sick, fat as bass too

IMO u should chek it... infact I was discussing with siepreselva yesterday while redstar9 was bopping away to it that if JT

came I would go... thats how good this choon is,

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yes, if I had heard it Id have an opinion .. so until then, il have to get back to you on that one ben.


I have heard one song recently though.. bringing sexy back or somethin? is that what you talk of? that song can rot in hell..

yes sexy back is shit

but "my love " Is FUCKING SICK!!!!!!!!!!!

almost up there with the limewax remix of tech itch's "Life Of sin"

did I jus say that, ? did I just equate and compare JT with limewax and tech itch???

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are you feeling ok today ben?


im feeling fine....


Its a dope choon man,,,

he is a great performer,,, I wouldnt suck his cock cos hes JT infact I think if I was too meet him I would probably give him shit and drink his alchol and probably get baeten by his bouncers, but I have to give him props,,, (jt),

AND when my boy (who incidentally is a music conniseer even at 4 months old) hears this song hois face lights up , he looks around fer me and gives me the biggest smile that would melt your heart,,, thats all I need as validation of the song , that coupled with the way that my endorphins kick in when I haer that rave synth , which all tell me that this choons is fucking dope...

I would suggest maybe giving it a try before u smear it and place it in the wack pile. music is music why limit it, dont be afraid of ur subjective, these are what make u an indervidual. or am I wrong

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I do like the synth in this tune for sure. The advantage of being JT is that you have some of the best production talent in the world working on your beats. Who ever made this is definitely one of the pioneers rather than followers.


That said, as a whole I don't really like the song, just elements of the production.

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I can see how people (headz incl) would like it but everytime I hear him singing in that whiny fucken "someone just smashed my balls between 2 cinder blocks" voice I want to stab myself...


Honestly, if someone tried to serenade me in that tone I'd laugh til I cried. It's enough to kill this tune for me, but I do agree the boy has talent.

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